My First Podcast

Like most authors, I’m always looking for ways to publicise my novels that don’t cost the earth. This year, as life begins to return to normal after Covid, I have already given a public reading from Lady in Red, shared a stall at a craft fair with my friend Gaynor Solly,, and been interviewed on two writer’s websites:

Last month I hit the jackpot, when I was featured on Holward Lovy’s Inspirational Indie Author podcast for the Alliance of Independent Authors. The podcast appeared in the weekly ALLIA newsletter, which has an international audience. As well as talking about the Eye Spy Series, I also got a chance to talk about The MS Diet Book, which was the first book of mine to be published.

The podcast was recorded the day after we had changed internet and telephone providers, and inevitably, things didn’t go according to plan, so the next morning I was really stressed out. Not the best state to be in when you’re trying to give a coherent interview. When I finally received the recording of the interview, it was a great relief to discover that it didn’t sound too bad. It’s amazing what a good editor can do with less than perfect material – although I still um and er a lot!

Here is the link.